SOLD (cl) Outstanding Camo M42 Luftwaffe Helmet

SKU: MHpm2


This example is also from Paul M, and features a CKL66, heat lot number #2898, with Luftwaffe schiefergrau finish in light texture, with a high degree of the Luft adler on the left side, just visible under the camouflage finish. The liner and strap are unaltered original to the helmet, with the liner showing a size mark 59, and also featuring the leather joins sometimes found in the larger size liners. The camouflage finish consists of ordinance tan and light green, with sand integrated into the tan portions of the design. The camouflage finish does its job– it looks natural to the eye and would / may have served this soldier well while in fighting service. A very decent camo to add to your Luft ground combat display. COA accompanies.


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