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SOLD (j) Outstanding Black SS M35 Helmet

This is an another excellent example of the highly prized SS-VT / Allgemeine-SS M35 helmet in black. The Helmet is a Q64, heat lot 803, circa 1937 which is nice and early for a Quist. The shell is overpainted in satin black and furnished with a set of CA Pocher SS and party shields. The factory applied decals underneath the black finish show their outlines as expected. Moreover, the party shield shows the crazing that can occur when the decal is placed on uncured paint and the surface becomes unstable. All superb, expected traits of this type of unit-level decorated helmet. The liner and strap are 1937, untouched, original to the helmet. The liner has suffered the effects of (blood?) staining, likely from being worn at the very end and discarded on the streets or field where it fell. If it could talk… The helmet was pubished in my 2004 edition of “SS-Steel,” and would be a great and rare edition to the early VT collection display. COA accompanies.

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