HOLD (b) Outstanding Black M35 SS Helmet, Named

SKU: Wstm02

This beautiful and rare M35 example is a classic Q66 M35, of the lot number 664 (same as three others I have personally owned) and is named and unit marked to the SS soldier. The features are textbook: Quist factory issue helmet, sprayed satin black at the unit, with CA Pocher runic and party shields applied atop the black finish. The untouched liner is marked “Denner, 10/SS ,D'”.  (Denner was a member of ,Deutschland’ throughout 1939, and later attained the rank of SS-Hstuf. He died in 1943). The chinstrap is a classic “Carl Tesch” with the VA-SS 1938 marking visible on the underside of the long end. The black finish, which was unit applied, shows some flaking in areas, but it high quality and minty, with no corrosion underneath. Some popping has occurred to the party shield. This is the 14th or 15th original black M35 I’ve encountered in my 5 decades of collecting, they are simply rare to find still in the black. A proud collection will give this a home. COA accompanies.

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