Outstanding and Rare, SS Totenkopf Officer of Recon

SKU: Uatkaufkl

This is a simply outstanding, rare Waffen-SS Obersturmfűhrer of Aufklarungs, Totenkopf Division. The tunic is a classic tailored piece, with droop tail collar,  French cuffs and sword / dagger hanger. The shoulderboards are sewn in, piped in golden yellow for Aufklarungs (reconnaissance), and adorned with a gilt pip on each, signifying Obersturmfűhrer. The collar tabs are matching wool, hand embroidered Totenkopf, and three pip with one litzen for the rank. They are machine applied with no disturbance or alteration of any sort. The silver wash zinc pips denote a mid – war production timeframe of this piece.  The bullion quality sleeve eagle is a fine classic example, that has the floppiness of having been on this tunic since it was made. Overall the jacket shows staining from wear and age patina, with two moth nips on the rear (collar and shoulder).  A fine, lifetime collectible. COA accompanies.

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