Direct Vet Son Acquired Erel Fiberhelm, Black Allgemeine SS Parade M35

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One of Two Real Examples Known– In the last 30 or 40 years, I’ve seen a dozen nicely done fake SS fiberhelms, but only two real ones: this one, and Al Barrows’ fat rune Erel which is pictured in all of my books and also in Ludwig Baer’s seminal work. To say the least, it is unique, and almost “one of one.” This helmet was acquired jointly by me and Brian Maederer from the son of the veteran who brought it back. The son had no history on the piece; he dismissed any stories his father told him and did not even know his father’s unit. That said, he showed up with one of the rarest helmets I have seen. This is a typical Erel Fiberhelm, (vulkanfiber) with a satin black finish, CA Pocher SS runic and party shields, and a minty size 59 liner and strap ensemble that are the ‘old art’ style, found in helmets dating back to the Franco-Prussian era. The paint and decals are minty, as is the size 59 liner. The steel outer band, as is the case with many of these helmets, has receded away from the edge of the fiber body– a characteristic that has become a hallmark of originality for these specimens. My estimation is that this helmet would display perfectly with a black SS General’s uniform of the highest quality. Price includes my 100% lifetime guarantee of authenticity

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