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Stunning, Service Used Waffen-SS M35 Helmet


This outstanding M35 is a rare, early issue SS helmet, with a 1935 dated liner band. The shell is an ET64, but unfortunately the heat lot number is obscured by 3 layers of paint. The earliest SS helmets of any issue quantity that I am aware of start in the 3000 series, although this is not doctrine, just an analytical assumption based on viewing thousands of SS helmets. So I am assuming this helmet is in the low 3000 series of ET production. The helmet tells an exciting story about the history of the SS-VT and TV; wherein they had, generally speaking one issue of M35s, having used transitional and contract RZM helmets for their entire existence prior. Moreover, the transitional models had been worn out with frequent re-painting and failure of parts, etc. We all know from the records that this was because the SS were political troops and the Wehrmacht consistently blocked them from access to the supply and recruitment system for the armed forces. So the M35 was a significant addition to their equipment array. This helmet shows having been issued as a feldgrau ET, likely with Pochers because those were the first SS decals that were issued in any quantity, prior to the helmet makers developing their own designs (ET, Q, EF patterns for example). Fat runes existed for SS, but were not in substantial supply, based on surviving examples. At any rate, the helmet was issued feldgrau, then at some stage re-painted black for parade use. The black layer shows through were there are abrasions or dings to the finish. Then the helmet was once again overpainted feldgrau. Each time the helmet was re-painted, it was re-decaled. These layers are visible where the stacking abrasions occur in the vicinity of the decals. Next, the helmet received a heavy coat of dark slate-grey, with the final layer of decals on top. (Collectors will note when they view original SS M35s, there is a large number of these multiple-use helmets, probably more than those still retaining their factory finish). The liner is the original one used in the helmet, and the strap bears the date 1937, still very early even if replaced. For the SS helmet collector who is looking for that one beautiful, early example that has been used at every stage of the development of the SS! COA accompanies.

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