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Once in a Lifetime SS-VT ,,Deutschland” NCO M-34 Tunic

This incredible piece hits all the major points of being a very early model SS-VT NCOs M34 tunic, fully badged to the famous VT Regiment ,,Deutschland.” The tunic is an open collar construction and is not the button under collar type. The material consists of an earlier color between Erd Grau and feldgrau wool, with areas of minor mothing and moderate service wear that show the age and character of the piece. The insignia are stunning quality VT bullion runic tab with numeral “1”, and matching SS-RZM rank tab for SS-Unterscharfuhrer. The cufftitle is a splendid flatwire “Deutschland” in Fraktur. This tunic features a matching pair of the early striped shoulder boards, sewn in (earliest were seen worn on one shoulder) in a rare, early double configuration. The collar is piped in the same aluminum and black striped design as the tab piping, and a close view of the collar piping ends shows expert period application by the manufacturer. The jacket bears the expected side belt hooks and rear button hooks, in feldgrau paint in the rear seams. The lining is a light tan cotton material, showing mellow patina and moderate wear. The upper interior correctly bears the size marking (46) in correct font and ink. Below that is the acceptance mark “VA 1936.” The sleeve eagle is the round-top SS-VT sleeve eagle, beautifully factory applied. Every aspect is untouched, gently patinated, and for the most dedicated VT collectors, a rarely seen, much less owned, piece. It falls right within the evolution of the SS-Bereitsschaften early pattern uniform usage. COA and full background info accompany.

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