On Hold Nice SS-RZM Helmet in the Early Gunmetal Color

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This SS-RZM helmet comes in the factory anodized looking finish that resembles gunmetal grey. The helmet bears the metal stretch marks and rivet placement very specifc to this design. Moreover, the SS and RZM stamps are perfect examples that bear the peculiar ‘fingerprint’ of the dyes used to make the stamps. The liner is also one of two types used in these helmets and is fully intact but only has the buckle end of the strap present. These are often destroyed or missing. The liner is affixed in the expected pop-rivet style of mounting. These helmets, according to Baer, were contracted by the SS from sources outside the Reich, such as Brno, Czechoslovakia (a great armaments and equipment producing region for the old Austro-Hungarian Empire). Given that the SS had no access to the Wehrmacht supply and recruitment system and the time, they outsourced these and others such as the droop bill in significant quantities. An historic helmet for the discriminating collector. Sale includes my 100% lifetime guarantee of authenticity

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