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Direct Vet Family Acquired, Einsatzkommando SS Helmet, Named


This helmet came right from the son of the veteran, to a friend of mine, to me in September this year (last month). It was brought back by Major Cecil Tuttle of California (pictured, holding an unidentifiable German looking helmet). Major Tuttle was a veteran of both WWII and WWI, serving in the 315th Infantry Regiment. His file card is pictured, and it is possible to research him and obtain more information. His son limited the amount of information available about his father, and the circumstances of the helmet. This is evident in the poor quality snapshot of the Major’s picture beside his Jeep. At any rate, these types of artifacts are still out there, some still in the possession of the families. This helmet is an early style with the civic square dip, but is made of heavier robust steel, similar to the minty black example on my site.  Also, this one was black at first. The similarities end there. This helmet has combat helmet style air vent lugs, and a pop riveted liner band. The liner shows a lot of use, and one of the rivets was replaced with an aluminum rivet, obviously during the WWII period. The helmet presents as having been more of a combat than parade piece. The insignia are interesting: typical, classic CA Pocher runic and party shields. When you look at the white circle on the party shield, you can clearly see the SS runes showing through the transparent sepia colored swastika circle. There is a runic shield underneath, and the one that was on the black surface of the right side was painted over and the second runic shield applied atop the feldgrau finish. The runes on the left side were painted around, indicating to me that the helmet was either a double runic, or a reverse decal, when it was first used. A very cool piece. The helmet bears the name “Kung” in three locations: the leather, below the leather, and in the inner dome. Kung may be uncommon enough to make an archive search feasible for this helmet’s owner. A fine SS helmet out of the woodwork, providing a great research project for both the owner and the captor! COA accompanies.

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