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**SOLD**Named and Service Used Waffen-SS Latvian Volunteer Helmet


This is a very sharp helmet, evidently SS-issued – and rarely found marked. This one is an HKP66, later war production, right about the time the SS were ramping-up their conscription of foreign units; and using all available sources of supply and equipment to outfit them. The helmet is untouched, featuring wear and weather patina to the factory finish, chinstrap and liner. The liner bears the name and feldpostnummer of the wearer, “V. Kocinš. The feldpostnummer identifies the helmet to 33rd Regiment, 15th Waffen-Grenadier-Division “Lettische nr. 1.”  In the unit history by the late Roger Bender, The 33rd regiment formed in March 1943, but was reorganized a number of times as the fighting in the East took its toll. They were fighting in Western Prussia toward the end of the war. Their next to last Division Commander was SS-Oberfuhrer Adolf Ax, and the last was Karl Burk. An historic piece that rarely has such a connection to the foreign SS. COA accompanies.


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