(ks) Marvelous LAH StuG Wrapper, Panzerjaeger

SKU: Uasjlah

This is simply the finest, untouched StuG wrap I have had the pleasure to market. The consignor reports that it came to him via an old collection, (along with the separately listed Infantry keilhose in the same material, with military issue suspenders). The jacket is smooth gabardine (beutestof), with untouched machine applied RZM pattern runes, rank tab and sleeve eagle. The pink piped boards also feature the correct RZM style LAH cyphers. They also feature a strip of tresse on each, signifying Unterfuehrer-Anwaerter status. The AH cufftitle is bevo and is beautifully applied — the join is nearly invisible. It has one snag on the back, otherwise is fine. There is a gentle overall patina to the jacket and insignia, giving it that “one-look” unaltered original appearance. The size markings and factory code conform with existing examples in literature. The herringbone lining is also the correct gauge and feel. Again, a finer specimen likely does not exist! COA accompanies.

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