Martin Bormann’s White Formal Reichsleiter Summer Tunic

The tunic of the number two to AH is offered for sale from a very advanced collection. This tunic surfaced in 2009 and was obtained by Bill Shea that year. The provenance is impeccable and it turns out this piece was originally pictured as part of the grouping of Bormann tunics in a 7th Infantry photo of GIs outside Bormann’s home on the Berghof. This tunic and a named shirt surfaced at a hotel buy in Pawtucket, RI, and forms the third of a trio of original Bormann tunics in existence. There is more to the story in the letter of provenance that accompanies this purchase. The condition is remarkably nice, with minimal staining or discoloration. All insignia are present and original to the tunic, as are the dienstrock and nametags. It is difficult to describe the sense of history surrounding this piece, once worn by the one man, through whom all who desired audience with AH had to pass. A unique, one of a kind piece of Third Reich History!


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