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M42 Waffen-SS Helmet and Collar Tab With Veteran Provenance


An overseas collector consigned this grouping that he had obtained, including copies from the veteran family of a vet photograph, his discharge documents and the M42 EF helmet. As I was inspecting the items I noted a coller tab was stuffed up inside the helmet between the steel and the liner band. It’s a beautiful example of a bevo tab, unapplied. The helmet has seen better days, apparently having been stored in a barn or garage for a number of decades. That has taken it’s Toll on the finish and liner. Additionally a probable family member took a marker and touched the runic decal in a couple of areas. This appears to come off with a moist q-tip. Overall vet groupings are incredibly difficult to come upon, and this one has the significance of a good SS helmet and tab. COA accompanies.



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