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SOLD M42 Kriegsmarine Helmet by EF


This EF m42 kriegsmarine helmet is a size 66 with light texture EF schiefer-grau finish in the distinct feldgrau for km. The kriegsmarine Shield is the expected EF pattern, which consists of the pale gold Eagle with the beige colored carrier material of the decal backing, showing through in the areas where there are abrasions. This is a classic telltale hallmark of this type of kriegsmarine decal. The helmet shows signs of a lot of service use out in the open Salt Air environment of possible shipboard or Coastal artillery near the water. Some of the photographs show this particular type of corrosion to the paint finish. There’s a lot of use to the liner which is a size 58 marked with these zinc coated Steel whiner band dated 1943 and marked size 58. The inner markings of the leather includes the size mark 59, and the date January 44. The overall condition of the liner is very good, showing mild shrinkage, and the color is light golden brown. The liner retaining pins are pictured, showing they are completely untouched, based on the undisturbed¬† period patina. The drawstring has been shortened and the chin strap has a split which has been joined with a thin wire that can be removed. Overall the helmet is a classic kriegsmarine by EF, showing a lot of good service use and character. Priced reasonably, this piece is accompanied by a COA.


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