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SOLD (dr) M38 Fallschirmjaeger Helmet, Early Spanner


This is a very nice example of a service used M38 early spanner FJ helmet, circa 1940-41. The expected features include the rough texture ET schiefergrau finish and single Luftwaffe adler. The finish is nearly 100% with a light dusting of patina. The spanners appear undisturbed and the straps are complete and in service used but good condition. The liner is mostly present, but has suffered extensive age and dry rot, becoming detached in some areas. The full, intact rubber shock pad is also in very good condition and undamaged. It has that telltale characteristic ‘smell’ of the old rubber of the original FJ helmets. Nice FJ jump helmets are getting tougher to find and this one will make a great display piece for the FJ collection. COA accompanies.


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