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M38 Double Decal FJ Helmet, Camo Overpaint


This outstanding original M38 Double Decal paratrooper helmet has seen continuous service likely throughout the war. The consignor, one of the best known helmet collectors worldwide, reports that this helmet has a connection to Holland and the campaigns there. The helmet is a typical size ET71 shell, with apple green feldgrau factory paint and double Luftwaffe decals. This factory finish has been covered by at least one thick coat of medium grey feldgrau, leaving the decals covered but partially discernable. The liner is wartime update in order to maintain serviceability. The straps and liner are in overall very good untouched condition, as is the shock pad. The entire inner structure shows not one sign of being postwar disturbed; the patina is impeccable. The shell inner rim bears an inscription to a medical Doctor. A very sharp and historic helmet, straight out of Europe. COA accompanies.

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