SOLD (eg) M36 – Style Sicherheitsdienst (SD) NCO Tunic



This Mid-war produced tunic is tailor made in the style if the M36 SS-Rock. The quality of the wool is fine, with a full imitation silk lining. The construction features the open collar and French cuffs in the back, and a pair of buttons in the back, styled like the belt hanging buttons of the true Rock tunic. A tailors label from the Trier area is present. The insignia are perfectly machine applied matching blank SS tab and SS-Unterscharfuhrer rank tabs in fine wool. The pip is the SS-RZM style. The boards are the earlier style sewn-in type. The sleeve eagle is mid-war RZM pattern, machine applied, and the SD diamond is tailor hand-applied. All insignia have the untouched, even patina of the entire jacket. A KvK second class ribbon is present at the buttonhole, and there are two vertical tandem loop sets in the middle of the front left pocket. A set of ribbon bar loops completes the array.  Overall a very sharp, lightly used and higher quality SD NCO tunic. COA accompanies.

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