SOLD (rc) M35 Waffen-SS Helmet, Earliest Production!

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This excellent example is an earlier production ET64 with about four layers of repaint. The outermost finish is a very grit tempered dark slate grey finish, with a fresh set of CA Pocher decals on top. The decals lay within multi layers of chipped and partially exposed earlier applied decals, due to what appears to be a stacking / storage scuffing.  The outermost finish presents a less worn appearance, but is underlain by a ‘time capsule’ of all the visible layers underneath. To break this down, the innermost layer is a feldgrau smooth finish pea green, with presumably ET style runic and party shields. Next, a layer of black, with new decals, signifying that this was a blackie in its earlier days. Third, a thickly brush applied green finish with decals, and finally, the textured grey outer finish. I count 5 layers of decals–including a runic shield on the left side, indicating this was at one time a double runic, such as those worn by ‘Germania’ regiment in 1940. The liner is a single ply aluminum band 1935 dated model with the embossed emblem in the leather as well. This is the second 1935 dated SS liner I can recall having handled. The original chinstrap is a nice 1937 dated Poessneck. There is no name visible in the helmet. The condition overall is excellent, including the liner, with some stacking abrading to the decals and paint. This one looks like it rode in a duffel bag along with some other souvenirs. This wear is minimal though, and doesn’t detract from the overall good looks. This especially early example shows an evolution of SS usage patterns, and would grace an SS-VT / Waffen-SS collection. A pretty incredible helmet for the price. COA accompanies.


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