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M35 SS Helmet, Veteran Provenance

This astounding artifact has popped up out of the woodwork very recently via the neighbor of the family of the veteran who brought it back from World War II. The family has respectfully requested that the name of their grandfather not be released publicly, but I will provide this information to the purchaser along with other information about the GI’s duty during the war.  The soldier served in North Africa, Italy (and at Anzio according to his family), France and Germany,  and was part of the liberation of KL Dachau (a link to his interview about that experience will also be provided). The helmet is an ET64 M35, with a heat lot number 4371. This puts it solidly in the 1939 production period, which also saw a large amount of use of CA pocher decals at the factory. The finish is the chalky 1939 factory ET finish, and is in light service used condition overall, with minor blemishes and some handling grime.  The true SS collector and historian who obtains this piece will prize this helmet for many years to come. COA accompanies. Price provided upon request.

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