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M34 Sicherheitsdienst (SD) Helmet, De-Nazified


This helmet is the M34 style, used as both a parade helmet for the SS-VT, and much more notably, as the mainstay helmet of the SD or Sicherheitsdienst (Security Service) of the RSHA (Reichs security main office). The design was originally presented for and contracted by the Heer high command around 1933-34,  as a potential combat helmet for the German forces. Two main companies produced this model; “Edelstahl” and “Thalestahl.” (Edelstahl also simply means ‘improved steel’ or ‘stainless steel’). The helmet turned out not to be able to withstand the rigors of training, much less combat, so a number of them were used by the Heer and Luftwaffe (and SS) as parade helmets. There are examples of these that appear from time to time, usually in mint condition. The SD however, with the mission to police the occupied territories behind the lines, saw this design as perfect for their level of duty. Also, concentration camp staff are seen in photos wearing these at some locations. Photographs of camp staff shown in “The Camp Men” by French McLean, show a formation of guards welcoming Himmler, wearing these helmets.

This example is in decent condition, complete, with a repair to the liner. The way the repair is done, plus the scraped SS runes and party shields, suggests to me that the helmet may have been used by the German police for a period after the war. Examples of this have been seen with all manner of civic and medium duty helmets.

The helmet would display well as a representative of this famous helmet, liner and chinstrap design and configuration.

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