Luftwaffe Lieutenant General’s Named Tunic

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This fine tunic, named to Luftwaffe Generalleutnant Alexander Kolb, has been in a premier collection having been purchased at a Max Show almost 2 decades ago. The pictures detail the correct application of all insignia and overall condition of the piece. The rank is for Generalleutnant. The named tailor’s label inside the inner left breast pocket is a Stechbarth, which in most cases can slightly larger and of a woven quality. (This type of Stechbarth label has been noted by experts as appearing in a few instances. The positive nuance is, there is no evidence the label was added–the entire construction of the lining pocket is undisturbed to the last stitch. The tag does not glow, nor does any other area or piece of insignia. The signature is printed, not cursive, in ink).  All insignia are appropriately applied with no signs of tampering. The material is a thick quality whipcord wool, collar trimmed in gold bullion cord, and correct shoulder boards bearing one rank pip. Overall, this is a fine quality example of a Luftwaffe General Officer tunic, priced according to the observations noted. Links to information on Kolb are included below. COA with all detailed notations included.

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This is a link to further information on Kolb: Generalleutnant Alexander Kolb (


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