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Luftwaffe Gala Uniform Set Vet Bring Back


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This is an exceptional example of a WWII German Luftwaffe private purchased Officers’ Evening Gala Dress Uniform, which includes the Tunic, Vest,Visor,gloves and pants. The uniform shows minimal service wear and is excellent as shown. The jacket, vest, trousers, visor and aguilette are all from WW2 armored division Veteran Walter Warren Magee and even shows the veteran wearing the actual visor. This set came directly from the family which included the veterans autobiography.

The Luftwaffe Evening Gala Tunic is in excellent condition. The Gala Tunic is made of a fine quality officer grade blue tricot. A fine hand embroidered Luftwaffe Bullion Breast Eagle is neatly, and originally, hand sewn to the upper breast area of the tunic. A double set of award loops, originally sewn to the tunic, are affixed to the left breast area. The silver aluminum pebbled buttons are in near mint condition, and all are originally attached to the tunic. The Luftwaffe Evening Gala Tunic has two sew-in style artillery Shoulder Boards with rank pips and number “36.”A silver wire Aiguillette in excellent condition is still originally attached to the tunic. The original waist closure chain remains intact, and functional. The visor bill/eagle was professionally restored to visor. This uniform set makes an incredible display and having the veterans history just makes this a very exceptional set. Included is an early vintage bow tie and dress shirt. Service medal ribbon bar and flak badge available for an additional cost if still available. COA accompanies.

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