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Kriegsmarine White Top Kapitan-Leutnant Visor Cap


This fine cap from the Ron Wolin collection is for a lower ranking officer such as a Naval Kapitanleutnant, Ensign or Lieutenant, and is rank-appropriate for duty as a U-Boot or E-Boat commander. The cap features gold bullion eagle and cockade, with the bullion edging at the visor. The white top shows gentle age but is free from stains and damage. The cap body is similarly light service used condition, with some staining in the inside top where the sweat-shield had been. The stains in the cap are most likely from pomade (hair grease popular in the ’30s to ’50s).  The celluloid shield provided in caps of this period are specifically there for protection from pomade – not so much a “sweat shield” as they are often referred to. This cap could have been worn by an officer assigned to a base in the Mediterranean theater. The cap is overall a sharp example, with the character associated with the younger officers at the tip of the KM spear. COA accompanies.


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