HOLD (js) Killer Waffen-SS Double Decal M35, Named and Unit Marked

SKU: Wspm66

(Due to the circumstances beyond the prospective purchaser’s control, he is unable to complete the purchase. I have therefore¬† decided to provide this unique opportunity to another potential owner). This beautiful Quist M35 is one of the finest combat helmets I have seen / owned. The size is 66 and the heat lot number is #2446. (The first digit is slightly obscured by the inscription paint, but looks like 2). The finish is the darker feldgrau used by Quist in circa 1939, and it shows through in some areas and slight scuffs to the outer layer, which is the often encountered classic milky grey feldgrau repaint of the ~1939-40 era. Many Quist helmets I have handled and cataloged previously bear this color of repaint (including the Irmfried Eberl helmet, and many others in fine collections). The outer layer of decals are exquisitely beautiful condition CA Pocher shields. The liner and chinstrap show light to medium service wear and are original untouched to the helmet. The truly outstanding feature is the hand painted inscription “A. Mueller,” followed by the German WWII tactical symbol for Towed Light Artillery. Just a beautiful, unquestionably original touch. The collector parting with this helmet held it as one of the centerpieces of his headgear collection for the last decade. It is now available to be treasured by another advanced collector. COA of course!

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