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Killer SS Officer’s M43 Cap, Possible Southern Front


This cap is right out of a northeast US 1970s collection that featured many veteran acquired items. The cap is untouched, showing very heavy service use, especially characteristic of a high altitude or hot weather environment, possibly Italy. The cap is a quality lightweight gabardine wool, with a thick officer ‘upgrade’ braid neatly hand applied to the top. The BeVo skull to the front shows age toning and patina.  The shadow of the cap eagle is clearly visible on the side. It shows some fading to the eagle area, suggesting it may have been removed during its service life. There are some tatters and stains, possibly from being around vehicles during service. The tatters appear to be service use connected, and may have resulted from sun fading and weakening to the fabric. In essence, the cap is a killer in hand, with a lot of character. Stunning piece. COA accompanies.


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