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RESERVED (mb) Sharp SS M35 Helmet by Quist, Possible Camp Connection


I recently sold an ET66 in this exact same configuration, showing parade gloss wax residue around the vent  holes and at the edges of the rivets, along with overall wear from having had whitewash and moderate exposure to elements, creating the finish that you see with the fine patina and service use. Th Q62 M35 helmet is in solid condition with most of the finish intact on the rivets and the shell, and the classic Quist pattern decals are over 90% each and retain a high degree of lacquer. The liner features a single ply aluminum band with a lower heat lot number, and a 1938 dated chinstrap. Overall and outstanding helmet in great displayable condition and having the original factory finish.  An inscription KETTL. appears in the rear skirt.  A colleague’s search of that surname yielded one ‘Kettl,’ a Volksdeutsche German named Max Kettl who was stationed at Auschwitz. A strong research candidate for sure! COA accompanies.

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