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Killer “Rubble” Camo Heer M42, Eastern or Southern Front


This helmet reminds me of something that would be used in a rubbled location such as Monte Cassino or the Caucasus. I had the pleasure of handling it about 20 years ago the first time, and since then it has been in two of the best camo collections in the world. Now it’s available again. Heer M42 single decal, marked hkp64 on the side of the skirt, putting it 1942 to early mid 1943 production. The helmet is complete, but shows a lot of combat service wear. The factory rough texture paint is worn but intact near the large criss-cross lines of the tan camo. The effect is to create 3 dimensionality and definitely breaks up the outline in a manner that would most suit urban warfare fighting. A great camo with superb character. COA accompanies.

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