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Killer Q66 Waffen-SS M35 Helmet, Named


This is a beautiful Waffen-SS helmet that I have had the pleasure of handling twice in the past 15 years. It is a Q66 M35 circa 1939, #2446 (appears to be), with the telltale dark green-grey smooth factory finish, covered with the milky-grey refinish that the SS did sometime during the “Westfeldzug,” or shortly afterwards. A set of CA Pocher runic and party shields are laid directly on top of the Q pattern runic and party shields (distinct differences visible in the closeups, for example the dark red Q party shield color next to the orangish Pocher color on one of the nicks). On the outside of the liner retaining pins, the bluish-green issue color is visible through the grey overpaint (see closeup). The liner is dated 1938; The pins dated ’39. The chinstrap has a 1936 date. On the inner rear skirt is the Name “Müller, A” in white paint. Next to that is the symbol for 2nd company, light anti-aircraft artillery, motorized. This can be researched with potentially successful results. The condition of the helmet overall is striking, especially the finish and decals. Moreover, superb combat examples like this rarely come out unscathed–most are beat examples. A fine helmet, well identified and unit marked, for the advanced SS / Wehrmacht helmet collection. COA accompanies.


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