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Killer, NAMED Waffen-SS M35, Feldgrau Camo Overpaint


(Back on the market–A close friend of mine had this on hold but ran into difficulties and unfortunately had to back out of the deal). This fine Waffen-SS M35 helmet (along with the scraped SS M42 in another listing) recently came out of a family grouping that was handed to an antique shop to handle.  This helmet is untouched, never having been in a collection. It features an ET64 shell # 4478 with untouched original liner and chinstrap. The finish is a light spray application of feldgrau vehicle paint, field applied, over the factory pea green ET finish and correct CA Pocher decals for that manufacture period. THIS  IS NOT a reissue helmet, which would be a completely different paint and liner outfitting. This has not been to a depot for reissue; instead it has been camouflaged in a field expedient manner, using a thin, flat / chalky spray of the early war vehicle base color, grey. (If 1942 or after, this light camo layer would be ordinance tan base, which at the factory replaced the grey scheme). The nearly 100% condition decals are very visible beneath this thin layer of paint, showing outstanding age cracking and other telltale features of originality. These easily recognizable Pochers are untouched and have been left covered. The helmet bears the name “Möller” hand painted in the rear skirt. Out of the 30 German KIAs named Möller listed in the German online national registry, only one of them was SS. His card names him as ‘Per Möller,’ a member of “Germania” and “Der Fuhrer” regiments. The card shows his dog tag (erkennungsmarke) information, which references “DF” (,Der Fȕhrer’) Regiment. There are possibly others named “Möller” who might be discovered with a more in-depth file search. Overall, this helmet is a gem of a find, showing this can still be possible in modern collecting! Comes with my lifetime COA.

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