ON HOLD (jr) Killer M42 Chicken Wire Double Decal (SS) Police Helmet



This helmet was obtained from the family of a US Army Staff Sergeant Frank Tallon, 180th Infantry Regiment of the 45th Divison “Thunderbirds,” (pictured) who brought it back with a (now unknown) SS BeVo cufftitle that was sold off or given away.  The 180th was one of the first US units to enter Dachau, and participated in the ‘pacification’ of the camp staff and defenders. The helmet itself is a classic EF M42 Polizei, #0839 with bordered eagle, EF pattern party shield (looks like some very old postwar touching of the red shield, see pictures) and a chicken wire basket covering the whole helmet. The strap is pretty nicely intact with a 1942 date. The liner was blood soaked and disintegrated over time. An outstanding, direct veteran artifact rarely ever seen in this configuration. COA accompanies.

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