Sold (cr) Fine Japanese Helmet Type 90

SKU: Mhcmjpcovvig

This helmet and cover combo came as a set out of an old collection. The cover is a bit unconventional, lacking the rayon lining and markings; plus is likely not a size match for the helmet. In every respect in terms of materials, manufacture techniques and age appearance, I consider it to be likely WWII period. The helmet is a beautiful example of an M90 service helmet, with the expected brown paint scheme, star emblem, liner system and correct original straps. The helmet is of course named, bears a kanji for “large”– and interestingly, a kanji for the term “vigilance” in the underneath rim on the side, which is artfully incised in the paint. This is a great example, and priced very reasonably to take into account the above factors. COA with appropriate caveats accompanies.

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