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(ss)Italian Camouflage Pullover Smock for SS


This smock is an example of the SS and Wehrmacht use of captured supplies throughout the war, and for this one in particular, after the fall of Italy. We know that LAH and HJ divisions outfitted their soldiers with Italian camouflage garments of many types, including especially 4 pocket tunics, zeltbahns, and occasionally smocks. In hours of scrutiny of picture books and the internet, I was able to come up with a pinterest image of what appears to be an HJ trooper in Normandy wearing one very similar to this model. The consignor of this smock has only seen one other like it, the others being mainly slash pocket varieties. SS connoisseurs like myself have certain items of Italian camouflage that were worn by the SS, and rarely are any two alike. This one features the quality of workmanship and specifics of materials (including buttons, thread, etc.) to indicate very likely it was made in an Italian establishment that had been taken over intact, and allowed to continue to produce for the SS and Wehrmacht. This smock is truly exquisite, showing a light age patina throughout, with slight service wear. It is unmarked, and features strap and buckle closures of the cuffs, and drawstring closures for the waste and neck. This gives it an elegant and serviceable look. The two upper front pockets are distinguishing. The consignor, a very advanced European collector, considers this SS, as do I. The price is very reasonable for this beautiful item. COA accompanies.

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