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Iraqi ‘Fedayeen Saddam’ Darth Vader helmet W/ Flag & Plate



I could not resist listing this Ultra rare, historic 2nd Iraq war veteran grouping consisting of the Fedayeen “Vader” helmet, Iraqi flag and middle eastern license plate. The helmet from Saddam Hussein’s personal paramilitary organization features a combat worn been there done that look and still retains chinstrap and partial headband of liner. The flag is nice service used dispaly size that has the top cut removed. With the addition of the license plate this grouping makes a fine display with one of the most desirable helmets in the market. COA accompanies.

Historical background:

Fedayeen Saddam(Arabic: فدائيي صدام, romanizedFidā’iyyī Saddām) was a paramilitary Fedayeenorganization intensely loyal to the Ba’athist Iraqigovernment of Saddam Hussein. The name was chosen to mean “Saddam’s Men of Sacrifice”. At its height, the group had 30,000–40,000 members.[1] The Fedayeen operated completely outside the law, above and outside political and legal structures.[2]


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