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Interesting Soldbuch to a LW Training Pilot Turned Camp Guard


This soldbuch has one of the most interesting lists of entries I’ve encountered. The individual was a WWI dragoon regiment veteran, a graduate of the pilot’s training school Prag; a member of the school training company staff, a flight replacement battalion member, then… an inspector on staff at Nordhausen. From that he went from LW guard battalion to the SS-Totenkopf guard sturmbann Mittelbau (Nordhausen); then finally part of the TK guard battalion at Sachsenhausen KL. An incredible soldbuch that charts the demise of the rocket program and diffusion of its staff to other posts within the KL system. Not your usual soldbuch! COA accompanies.

Additional Data:

Wehrpass for Johann Kohlstrom.
WWI veteran (1915-1918) born in January 1897.
Civilian profession appears to be chauffeur.
Recalled in 1943 to apparently a Luftwaffe unit.
But the interesting part is in late 1944 he is posted to Nordhausen and then the SS Wachtkommando Mittelbau, focal points for the V-2 missile program.
Included is a script for the Arbeitslager Mittelbau.
On 1 January 1945 he is transferred to Sachsenhausen.


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