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SOLD (erib) Interesting Reed-Green Waffen-SS Tunic


These tunics were normally Heer issue, but there are instances of use by the SS that have been recorded in period photos and also in various works on SS uniforms, especially by the late Mike Beaver.  This one is an example of a substantially period used piece, with signs of a cufftitle and later re-badging of at least the sleeve eagle. The question is when. Here is my hands-on analysis: Looking at the insignia, the tresse and re-purposed collar tabs all appear to be machine attached at the same time with the same thread. The tresse shows wear, as do the tabs–pretty convincing as service wear. The tresse is not re-applied from any other garment, and shows substantial wear as is. The tabs, definitely re-used, share the same look and patina as the tresse. I do not see any other machine stitch lines under the tabs, but there are a stitch or two of black thread present, possibly from hand tacking of (previous?) tabs. The pink piped boards are of the same type of tresse, also showing wear. The re-applied sleeve eagle also shows wear after having been re-applied.  There is a real and vivid cufftitle shadow and machine stitch pattern visible on the left cuff. Loops for awards are present. An interesting piece, with original insignia and a lot of wear– but with the underlying question of when. Seller reports having purchased the tunic from the e-stand some years ago. Priced reasonably and accordingly. COA with appropriate caveats as stated above included.

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