Interesting Droop Bill Allgemeine-SS helmet

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Repurposed for Possible use by the Deutscher Volkssturm Wehrmacht. This helmet is a scarce example of an SS droop bill that was factory provisioned for an M31 style liner. The chinstrap bales are separate from the M31 liner band, which is correct for this early style. (The strap on it is for display and not a correct strap–the correct strap would be an aluminum buckle strap, or a carbine clip type early strap). The helmet itself is factory black, used with double CA Pocher decals, which were painted over to mask them (The SS shield was obliterated instead) for use by the volksturm or flak unit, last ditch in the final days of the war. The party shield is visible under the paint. All in all a rare and interesting helmet, for the early helmet collector.

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