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RESERVED (rm) Incredible Camouflage Fallschirmjager Helmet


This striking early spanner Camo Paratrooper Helmet comes from an advanced European collector and is a pleasure to offer for sale. The shell is ET68 #2155. The liner and straps are in service used, solid condition, showing  alot of period use. The bolts are completely untouched and have 80 years of undisturbed patina on them. The liner bears the name and rank of an Unteroffizier, and the size and contract markings are visible. A stronger condition interior than usually found on these. The exterior shows a complete camouflage finish in Tan, which was the main camo of the helmet in its first service use. Later, a combination of brick red and some grass green were oversprayed to it, to update the camo scheme. But in hand, this was a Tan camo para for a time, prior to the final finish. The outer camo layer consisted of a lesser quality and thickness of paint, resulting in flaking that exposes a lot of the tan underneath–yet still remains strong. It is not possible to see an adler or outline under the thickness of the finish, but given the vintage of the helmet, there would be one. Simply one of the strongest LW camo paratroopers I have handled in a long while. COA accompanies.

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