On Hold Huge, Mint Waffen-SS M42

SKU: WSpm11


This enormous CKL (ET)70 M42 is one of the mintest helmets I have owned or handled. I did own it in the early 90s after purchasing it from Shuichi, then traded it to an old friend who kept it another decade and a half. It is now offered for sale as a consignment. The helmet itself bears 100% mint ET medium texture shiefergrau finish, and a 100% intact classic ET pattern runic shield. The helmet is a later war production piece, but the decal is without doubt 100% original wartime applied. ( In the Ice reference book this heat lot number appears with single decal M42 designation. This particular helmet, which I published 17 years ago, is referenced on that page.)  The liner is a size 62, original to the helmet but has suffered some age wear and has a few collector repairs from before probably the 1980s. The chinstrap is full mint and the marking is pictured. An incredibly mint, stunning SS M42 that will capstone a fine SS helmet collection. COA accompanies sale.