Hold (T) Sharp Netted Camo Heer M35 Helmet

SKU: TM171


This is a fine example of a hard to find original netted camo helmet and it’s in  untouched condition. The helmet itself is an M35 heer with a reissue finish over the top of the existing Factory finish and decals. The net is affixed to the helmet in a way that enables it to be partially removed, but the ties at the chinstrap bales are untouched and demonstrate that it hasn’t has not been off the helmet. The knots are old and flat and the gauge of the twine used to form the net is exactly the expected look and feel of the old originals. There is a slight patina mark under areas of the net where it touched the paint of the helmet. A small scuff on the right side shows some of the national Shield color. The heer decal is completely covered. There is minimal wear to the helmet overall, and it has a very nice presentation of liner and chin strap system. The liner is nicely RB numbered halfway up the strap, as shown in the pictures. A very nice helmet, perfect for the camouflage display. Priced accordingly and coa accompanies.

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