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Historic Waffen-SS Totenkopf Soldbuch and Document Grouping


This grouping consists of an incredible booklet containing an assemblage of pictures, documents, awards, and the Totenkopf Cufftitle of Karl-Otto Weber, an SS-Schütze in SS-Pz Rgt. 3.  (There is a picture of him wearing this cufftitle). Also present is his Panzer Assault Badge in Silver, semi-hollow back marked A.S., plus the rare as can be award document, (signed by SS-Ostubaf. Laackmann, who succeeded Eugen Kunstmann as ss-pz-rgt 3 commander) and other signed award and assignment documents. The PAB retains a high degree of its silver finish. The documents also include a set of documents for his father, who served in the Kaiser’s army, and then as an SA-Mann in the 1930s. Karl-Otto’s soldbuch cover remains, but interestingly it has a replacement identification document that mentions at the top “for use as a replacement for lost soldbuch.” It nicely records his PAB in silver and his black wound badge. The TK cufftitle is full length and in beautiful, service-worn condition, and shows careful removal from the garment. According to the consignor, the title is the one worn by Weber in the accompanying photo–he is third from right).  Overall a substantially historic and rare grouping, to one of the few who actually survived to tell about it. COA accompanies.

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