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Historic SS Wehrpass- “Schindler’s List” Connection


This is another fascinating and very historic SS-Wehrpass, belonging to Johannes Utech. Utech started as a WWI soldier, then was activated from 1939 in various positions as an Unteroffizier. The interesting portion involves the entries that show him assigned to the security office of the Generalgovernement (Poland), for five days (22-27 Sept 44), during which the entry has him at KL Plazow, which was the focus of the movie ‘Schindler’s List.’ The dates coincide with the immediate aftermath of the sacking of commandant Amon Goeth, one of the worst of all, for theft. Evidently Utech, in his bureaucratic bowtie, was perhaps called in to audit the the camp books. After that, he does a short stint (same reason?) at Gross-Rosen, then lastly on to Sachsenhausen. He remained there until the end, during the time when the prisoners were being marched out and disposed of in the face of the Russian approach. Utech likely was pressed into guarding duties as the situation warranted. His weapons qualifications include the captured Czech LMG 37(t) machine gun. Very interesting history for one SS member!

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