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Historic Night Camo FJ Early Spanner Helmet


This stunning example is a one of a kind bring back from the US legation Iran during World War II. The helmet is an ET71 FJ helmet,  with early spanner liner retaining lugs and single Luftwaffe decal. The finish is camouflaged over in flat black paint, leaving only the decal exposed and a triangle. The interior and straps show heavy service use and some signs of having been worn in a very hot climate for a period of time. The helmet has a unique history as it was brought back by a us officer whose Duty assignment had him in Tehran Iran during the Big Three Conference of 1943. According to Special Operations legend, the famous Commando Otto Skorzeny launched several raids into Tehran to attempt to assassinate the big three before and during the event. The helmet was brought back along with some documents and a album from the location. It went through two hands, including an antique dealer, before coming to my shop for presentation. COA accompanies.

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