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Historic ME-109 G-K Rudder Swastika


This consignment piece is a superb and very historic example of the WWII German use of treated plywood veneers in the manufacture of their aircraft. This one is presumed to have come from a US veteran, who is possibly the GI sitting in the disabled aircraft with the hole where the swastika was is pictured here (not verified, but a great accompaniment image). There is public domain information on this type of material available, per the image of the Lloyd study on ersatz laminates used by the Germans toward the end of the war. All of the features of this cutout, including the braces and the ink stamp on the back are original construction features, not add-ons. I’m pretty sure this specialized of an item– a piece of a ME-109, the Hakenkreuz emblem, the experimental ersatz nature of the materials, etc.– will find the right home, due to it’s historic allure and utter “display-ability”.  COA accompanies.

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