ON HOLD (cp) Historic Japanese Katana

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Following is the detailed description of this excellent sword from the consignor:

Japanese Type 98 Army Officer’s Sword with 17th Century Blade

Standard Army Type 98 (Model 1938) Officer’s Sword mounted with a very uncommon early Edo Period (1596-1684) Katana blade. The black patinaed Nakago (tang) lacks any swordsmith’s inscription and has two mekugi (wooden peg) holes indicating the katana was shortened 200-300 years ago. Therefore, the blade was either originally unsigned or the inscription was lost when shortened. The workmanship exhibited in this Katana is exceptional with no forging flaws, however, the Hamon (tempered edge) is no longer visible near the tip. The edge also has a couple of tiny nicks and there are some minor surface abrasions near the tip. Overall, the blade’s condition is excellent with no integrity issues, but a new (professional) polish would bring back the entire Hamon and make the sword a stunner.

The length of the cutting edge is 63.5 cm / 25 inches. The Hamon style is Notare (gentle wave).

The sword’s fittings are all the standard type Type 98 furniture; they exhibit honest wear consistent with use, but remain in excellent overall condition. The grip wrap is completely intact and shows little wear, though there is some sweat staining in places. The scabbard is a leather-covered wooden Saya of the type frequently used with field carried Japanese swords. This type of scabbard is usually present with an old handmade blade because it needed to be custom fitted. The leather is in good condition, though the surface does have one dented area near the tip on the right side.

This is an excellent example of a field carried Type 98 officer’s sword. One can easily envision a young Japanese junior army officer having the family heirloom Katana mounted for service (and presumably good luck) upon departing for battle in World War II, little anticipating that his experience would end in some degree of tragedy and the sword relegated to a war souvenir.






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