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Historic Heer Officer’s Waffenrock, with Hitler Bomb Plot Connection


This is an outstanding officer’s waffenrock, bearing a nametag which the consignor reports identifies the piece to v. Freytag Loringhoven (associated with the 20 July 1944 Bomb Plot), plus the abbreviation for 1st company, Recon Battalion 1. The shoulderboards bear the “A” for Aufklärung’s, plus one pip (Oberleutnant), which corresponds to the name tag. A picture of Freytag – Loringoven from the book on the first Panzer Division is shown here in the photo gallery. Also included is the officers rank list, which lists him as being in this unit in 1939.  (Online research on the Freytag-Loringhoven officers discusses their high placement in the TR hierarchy, as well as this tunic’s apparent owner’s– Wessel’s– suicide as a result of the failure of the bomb plot). As one final note, I can see clearly the stitch line where there was a cuff title on the left sleeve, which I am assuming to be the “Fūhrerhauptquartier” cuff title. The tunic is of exceptional quality overall and has been in one of the premier Heer collections in the US, if not worldwide.  Priced based on the condition and the associated historic personality. COA accompanies.

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