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RESERVED (rs) Historic Bunker Found Waffen-SS M35, Named


This outstanding example is a Waffen-SS (former SS-VT) M35, found in a bunker in the east, and preserved in incredible condition considering its exposure to the elements. The paint shows (and I’m always lecturing on this) the three layers of factory finish, parade black finish, and the outer blu-ish grey finish that characterizes many of the original combat Waffen-SS M35s. The decals are in great condition, showing the layers of decals underneath each other as the finishes and re-finishes were applied. The runes are quite visible (Pocher) and the black area is where the decal layers flaked and exposed part of the parade black finish of one of the helmet’s previous surfaces. Really a time capsule in respect to the abundance of visual aspects of the helmet. The liner and strap are complete and in exceptionally good condition. The liner bears the wearer’s name in ink “Schrim..” — it is in Sutterlin cursive and the last letters are difficult to discern. Overall an outstanding relic of the battlefields of the Waffen-SS. COA accompanies.

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