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Heer Winter Reversible Field Jacket

The color is a faded reed green not unlike the HBT fatigues. The pocket flaps retain the original color. It sports the unusual double breasted button style on the green side – it is usually configured thusly on the white side. The buttons don’t seem to fulfil a practical purpose. Perhaps an officer wanted to replicate the double breasted style of the greatcoat?
Other than this, the general tailoring is similar if not identical to the well known camouflaged jackets in splinter or sumpftarn. There is a small piece of Zeltbahn splinter cloth in one of the pockets, neatly bound with a string.
There are some period repairs, skillfully executed, notably on the hood and the back.
The white side is somewhat grey but not heavily stained or soiled. The cuff buttons are missing as well as the small buttons on the sleeve which were used to attach colored bands for recognition. Most buttons are aluminum – the ones on the green side are sprayed green and the ones on the white side retain their aluminum shine (unlike the later jackets on which buttons were mostly steel and painted white on the white side). A great example of the winter gear used on the Eastern Front.
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