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Heer Transitional Double Decal With Red Maneuver Band


From the Ron Wolin Collection, this is an outstanding example of a Heer transitional helmet from the late 1938s through 1940, which features a rare maneuver band intact. The helmet shell is a CAS66 Austrian M16 production, with feldgrau finish showing light service use, and double decals, the national shield of which shows some wear, possibly from the band. The band is fitted to the helmet by friction buckle and based on the light marring from the hooks on the helmet rim, these two appear to have been together for many decades. The liner is the often-encountered steel band 1940 with dark liner retaining rivet heads–(for an unknown reason this upgrade is very common among Heer transitionals, not a replacement. Transitional collectors will know this feature well). Overall a sharp display piece from the mobilization period of the Deutsche Wehrmacht. COA accompanies.

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