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Heer Single Decal M42 Camo Helmet, Named


This is a very nice Heer m42 single decal camouflage helmet, most likely EF, with a size 62 shell and heat Lot number (indistinguishable). The helmet has the name “H. Müller,” and bears a strong golden brown liner in good condition, with a mouse chew in the upper left area. The Finish is 80 + percent intact, with a couple of abrasions that suggest the helmet was possibly hung on the side of an armored vehicle or something similar,  as those abrasions appear patinated with the rest of the helmet untouched from the period. The camouflage scheme is a combination of yellow and green and some tan and it leaves about 50% of the ghost of the hair decal visible peeking through the thick camo finish. Very nice helmet overall and would Grace any advanced camo collection. COA accompanies.

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