Heer Panzer Major’s Wrapper, Grossdeutschland

SKU: Uammpzwrp


This is a fine example of a service used Heer wrapper, partially re-badged. The tabs and eagle have been collector conserved / restored, but the other insignia are reportedly original to the piece. The body is in excellent, lightly service used condition; well-marked and possessing two sets of loops, presumably EKI and Panzerkampfabzeichen. The original EKII and Ostfront ribbons are in the second buttonhole, and the Major’s rank boards show signs of holes for metal insignia such as ciphers. The tabs are beautifully restored and show no disturbance to the underside of the collar. The eagle is correctly and neatly applied. The GD cuffband is an outstanding example in officer bullion wire, reportedly restored to the jacket. The collector obtained the base wrapper some years back from the esteemed Collectors’ Guild militaria site, then obtained the insignia from other excellent sources. The wrapper is overall very sharp as a display example, with outstanding insignia. COA as a restoration, with mentioned caveats, accompanies.

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